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Electrical Surge Protection in Miami

Although Florida Power & Light has made great advances in electrical grid stability for South Florida, power surges are still common. A power surge is a suddenly occurring intense electrical spike in your building’s current, far beyond a safe limit. Lightning is one reason for a power surge and Florida is known as the lightning capital of America. But even a power outage can generate a brief surge that can destroy valuable appliances and systems.

Adding a layer of protection against transient overvoltage is a very wise decision in South Florida. We consider surge protection to be a critical component of a safe electrical system – you have too many expensive pieces of equipment and electronic devices to put at risk. Orion Electric is expert at installing the right surge protection system in the best locations for your commercial building. 

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When Is Surge Protection Necessary?

There is an increased focus on protecting against surges of over voltage due to the risks, which include: 

We install surge protection up to code, and to achieve maximum efficiency. The responsibility for compliance is always with the electrician and that’s why you want Orion on your team. Our electricians are all licensed and insured journeymen with more than 10 years of experience. Our entire team keeps up to date on the ongoing changes in regulations, and our work is code-compliant in every case.  

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