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Planning Out Your Project in Advance

When you hire Orion Electric, you get the benefit of decades of experience and our ongoing education in advances in electrical systems and smart technology.

We take everything about your construction into account and map out exactly how each phase of the process will roll out, synchronized with other contractors’ ongoing projects. We know what to watch out for and avoid. Most of all, we know what a solid electrical infrastructure should look like to provide a powerful and durable base for all advanced electrical operations without the need for a full upgrade in a few years because technology advances resulted in demands that a system can’t meet.The value of this kind of expertise shows in the quality of our work but doesn’t wind up on the invoice. This is the standard of excellence that is in our DNA. It comes with the job.  

Electrical Construction is a job that must be done right the first time.

These are only a few of the reasons to call on us. Let’s talk and we can sketch out your exact needs and estimate the costs. Call (305) 521-9091 or fill out our online form today.

Construction Electrical Services

Orion Electric has been building a reputation in Miami and South Florida for its superb electrical construction projects for some of the most prestigious businesses in the region. We feature precision and efficient design, quality materials at affordable costs, and intelligent solutions. Taken together, we build electrical systems that meet the demands of modern commerce for performance, durability, and flexibility. 

The owner of Orion Electric has been involved in the electrical installations in many Miami high-rise buildings during construction. He knows electrical construction from every side and hires only experienced electricians with the skillset to meet the challenges of larger commercial projects. 

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