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Electrical Repair

Electrical Repair in Miami

Our overall repair process is professional and thorough. With many types of electrical issues to repair, how we address a problem means the procedures can vary.

However, we commonly follow these steps:

Any commercial electrical breakdown leads to lost time and money. We understand this and do everything we can to ensure your problem is resolved quickly. When you have a maintenance contract with Orion Electric, we perform periodic inspections and detect any concerns before they become problems. 

Think of Orion Electric as a partner in the care and health of your commercial building’s nervous system – the electrical. 

Comprehensive South Florida Electrical Repair Procedures

When any part of your electrical system fails, it needs to be resolved without delay. At Orion Electric, our technicians respond quickly, and have the versatility and experience to correct any electrical problem. Our electricians are all licensed and fully insured journeymen with over 10 years’ experience and work exclusively for us. Additionally, all our experts are bilingual in English and Spanish and have excellent communication skills.

Because our electricians deliver the full range of commercial electrical services, we can:

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