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Generator Installation

Generator Installation in Miami

Orion Electric technicians are experienced in generator selection, placement, and installation. It is a complex operation and requires the knowledge our team of seasoned journeymen has accumulated for well over a decade. We have uncompromising standards and a track record of excellent results delivered with the greatest efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

We will help you obtain the air quality permits and ensure that our layout meets local fire and safety codes. We never subcontract our work, but often collaborate with contractors on the project such as plumbers or construction teams to ensure the installation goes smoothly.

Back-up generators come in all shapes and sizes and vary widely in price. There is one that is perfect for your needs, and we’ll find it for you, and at the best price. If you have equipment that can’t be down for even a few seconds, we can add on a UPS battery system and connect those devices to it.

The ability to maintain your electrical power during an outage is a critical need for businesses operating in South Florida. Losing power has the liability of work stoppage, the risk of data loss, unsafe working conditions, and will impact data centers, alarm systems, security gates and elevators, and electronic door locks.

These are only a few of the reasons to call on us. Let’s talk and we can sketch out your exact needs and estimate the costs. Call (305) 521-9091 or fill out our online form today.

Choosing the Perfect Generator for Your South Florida Business

We can help you determine which equipment would work best for your property based on the following factors: 

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