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EV Chargers in Miami

Commercial EV Charging Stations in Miami and South Florida

At Orion Electric, our Miami team will work with you to design the ideal charging stations for your facility. You may not be aware of all your options, but we are. We’ll start with what you want to accomplish, and we will create a plan that is practical and suits the facility. 

Commercial EV charging stations are ideal for:

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Commercial EV Charging Stations

As climate concerns mount, more car manufacturers are producing electric vehicles (EV). At the same time, both power grid refinements and EV technology are evolving rapidly. Installing EV charging stations in your commercial building is a feature your employees appreciate. It not only shows your enterprise is keeping up with sustainable technology, but EV charging stations can be a deciding factor for potential employees and prospective residents.

EV sales are projected to grow from the current 2 million vehicles to 7 million in the next 5 years. But the proliferation of charging stations and extended single charge mileage may easily eclipse that estimate.

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