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Commercial Lighting Services in Miami

Orion Electric can implement your lighting design or create one we think would work best for your space as part of our services. We offer an extensive library of options in light fixtures and smart technology, so your newly installed lighting is automatic, energy-efficient, and dynamically tuned to the needs of your business. 

Our services include:

When fulfilling a lighting project, Orion ensures the system meets the current electrical codes. If the electrical services must be upgraded, we can take care of it, so your entire system performs correctly. We can show you lighting options that can inspire you, and at a cost you will appreciate.

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Custom Commercial Light Installations in Miami

Custom Lighting Installations and Inspections for Your Business

One of the specialties at Orion Electric is supplying and installing quality lighting for business and corporate high-rise buildings. Lighting is the most visible component in your electrical system and has a dramatic impact on the look and feel of any space. On the security side of things, it is a first line of defense against trespassing and the risk of intrusion. 

Certified and Insured Lighting Experts in South Florida

Orion Electric’s certified and insured technicians have completed many lighting projects around Miami and the South Florida area. We’ve lit up and secured the holdings of major property management operations that include key Miami business plazas, restaurants, hotels, and many more. Our electricians are fluent in both English and Spanish and are licensed journeymen with over 10 years of experience in lighting design and installation. We are as confident with the installation of high bay fixtures as we are with designing, laying out, and wiring-in outside “light landscaping” and security floodlights.

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